From the Director’s Chair: The Top Three Myths About Character Education

On an average day, I connect with about a dozen educators. In these conversations, I hear more than a few misconceptions about character education. Here are the three most common myths that I encounter: 1. Your program is not a curriculum, which is what we really need in order for it to be effective. 2. We’re a […]

From the Director’s Chair: What Is Pursuing Victory With Honor?

“Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” “Second place is just the first loser.” “Winning takes care of everything.” “Win or go home.” We’ve all heard quotes like these, and we’ve all seen the nightly broadcasts of playoff games that are “do or die.” I’m a huge sports fan, but sometimes I have to laugh when I hear broadcasters […]


Are Your Students Licensed Digital Citizens?

We recently posted an article about learning to drive and how the Six Pillars of Character can be used as guideposts along the way. Here’s a different take on driver’s ed: the Digital Driver’s License (DDL), a systematic approach to teaching digital citizenship and cyber-safety to young people. A recent article in The Journal, a technology education publication, describes the concept […]