Another Teacher Testing Scandal Surfaces

In the wake of the Atlanta testing scandal, in which 35 educators were indicted last month, come more allegations of teachers improperly helping students on standardized tests.

This time it’s Long Island. The New York Times reports that over a dozen educators in Glen Cove, New York, are under investigation for “coaching pupils on correct answers” during standardized testing last year.

With the prevalence of standardized testing across the country, it’s discouraging news to hear. It also raises questions about whether too much importance is placed on these tests if even educators are tempted to help students cheat on them.

Our 2012 Report Card on Ethics of American Youth showed a decrease in lying, cheating and stealing among high school students (the first drop in 10 years of biennial surveys). But the cheating is still alarmingly widespread. Fifty-one percent of students surveyed admitted to cheating on a test within the last year, while 32 percent admitted to plagiarizing from the Internet. progress has been made when it comes to youth ethics, there’s still a long way to go.

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CC! Week: What’s happening?

CC! Week 2009This year National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week will be celebrated by nearly 8 million kids in 52 countries.

There will be parades, themed dress days, T-shirt design contests, writing contests, classroom-door decorating contests, all kinds of parental involvement, CC! assemblies, Role Models of the Day, Pillars of the Day, art projects, class mentoring, surprise guests, and several versions of Celebration Friday.

In Albertville, Alabama, the students at Albertville Primary School will “Stay on Track with Good Character” as they walk and run laps on the track during P.E. class. For each lap they complete, students will get a colored bead representing one of the Six Pillars of Character.

In Cave Creek, Arizona, students at Horseshoe Elementary will demonstrate trustworthiness, caring, responsibility, and citizenship as they work together to groom horses.

In Queen Creek, Arizona, the Leading Edge Academy is having a Lee National Denim Day to raise money to help fight women’s cancers. They’re also practicing good citizenship by hosting a Food Drive for the United Food Bank.


In Atlanta, Georgia, the Warren/Holyfield Boys and Girls Club will practice caring and good citizenship by visiting a neighborhood nursing home to adopt grandparents and play games.

In Iowa, the whole city of Fort Dodge is participating in a Pay It Forward program. Based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book about a boy’s attempt to improve the world by paying a favor forward, the Trinity Regional Medical Center is challenging everyone in town to pay it forward.

West Middle School during CC! Week 2009


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